Nipro SafeTouch Safety Winged Infusion Set

• Built-in safety features help minimize the incidence of accidental needlesticks, which are especially prevalent with winged needles
• The Nipro SafeTouch Infusion Set has a low profile and features textured wings for a secure grip
• Permanent locking feature enhances user safety by eliminating the worry of accidental needlesticks after use

• Packed 50/box, 10 boxes/case
• Available in 21, 23 and 25 gauge sizes

Product Code *


Wing Color


19GX3/4 12″ Tubing



21GX3/4 12″ Tubing



23GX3/4 12″ Tubing

Light Blue


25GX3/4 12″ Tubing



* Some product codes not available for sale in Canada

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