SafeTouch™ Safety Needle

Nipro SafeTouch Safety Needles are engineered with a safety mechanism to reduce the risk of needle-stick injury. SafeTouch Safety Needles can be used with any conventional (ISO 594 compliant) size syringe hubs.

• Double-locking mechanism with audible “click” ensures needle is permanently covered
• Bevel-up needle indication for low-angle injection and blood draws
• Color-coded needle hub and shield for quick identification of needle gauge

Packaging: 100/box, 8 boxes/case (800)
Available in gauges 18-30
Needle lengths 5/8”, 1” and 1 1/2”

Product Code Description
SAH+1825 18GX1
SAH+1838 18GX1-1/2
SAH+2015 20GX1
SAH+2038 20GX1-1/2
SAH+2125 21GX1
SAH+2138 21GX1-1/2
SAH+2225 22GX1
SAH+2238 22GX1-1/2
SAH+2325 23GX1
SAH+2516 25GX5/8
SAH+2525 25GX1
SAH+2538 25GX1-1/2
SAH+2713 27GX1/2
SAH+2716 27GX5/8
SAH+3013 30GX1/2