Nipro 10cc Syringe

The Nipro 10cc syringe is capped for improved infection control, to protect clinician and patient from accidental contamination. For greater convenience and procedural efficiency, the Nipro 10cc syringe is compatible with most heparin pumps. The syringe offers all recognized Nipro quality features, including a clear, easy-to-read barrel and a specially formulated elastomer stopper for smooth, accurate motion along entire length of the barrel.

• Packed 100/box, 9 boxes/case
• Available in gauges 20-22 and sizes 1″-1 ½”
• Available with Luer-Lock and Luer-Slip tip

Product Code *



10cc Luer-Lock 20GX1


10cc Luer-Lock 20GX1 ½


10cc Luer-Lock 21GX1


10cc Luer-Lock 21GX1 ½


10cc Luer-Lock 22GX1


10cc Luer-Lock 22GX1 ½


10cc Luer-Lock without Needle


10cc Luer-Slip without Needle


* Some product codes not available for sale in Canada

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