Nipro Connect Educational Program

niproconnectThe Nipro Connect™ Educational Program is our commitment to provide every dialysis customer with products of unmatched value through a continuous quality improvement process.

We achieve this by offering clinicians product evaluations, in-service, continuing education units (CEUs) and instructional materials.

Commitment to product innovation and quality

  • Nipro is dedicated to building exceptional performance into every product we manufacture.

Commitment to building partnerships based on shared value…

  • We understand that only a relationship that is mutually beneficial can ensure a long-term partnership.

Commitment to strengthen every partnership with education, training and technical support…

  • Our goal is to support every Nipro customer not only with exceptional products, but also with the training, education and personal attention that may be required.

Quality you expect. Support you deserve.

The NIPRO CONNECT™ EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM is our commitment to provide every dialysis customer with products of unmatched value through a continuous quality improvement process. In addition, it assures that service, education and the required technical support are provided to each of our business partners.

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  • In-service training and Nipro dialysis expertise are made available to every business partner.
  • An impressive assortment of instruction materials serve as valuable guidelines and reference tools.


  • Nipro provides everything needed by the clinician for a thorough evaluation of our dialysis products.
  • Personalized in-service, continuing education units (CEU), brochures and instructional videos help assure a high level of knowledge and expertise for our customers.