Here are just a few of the ways that the ELISIO POLYNEPHRON is better, safer and greener for dialysis:

  • Functions more like the human kidney – thousands of fibers in each ELISIO Dialyzer act more like the human kidney because each fiber functions as a nephron offering outstanding biocompatibility, hemocompatibility, and solute-removal performance.
  • Enhanced treatment rinseback – The smooth polyurethane surface of the ELISIO Dialyzer reduces blood clotting while the improved header shape minimizes blood channeling, resulting in better rinseback to patients.
  • Optimized small and middle molecule clearances – with superior in-vitro and in-vivo performance, the ELISIO Dialyzer provides higher clearances of small and middle molecules, including for ß2 microglobulin and myoglobin.
  • Made without BPA and DEHP – the ELISIO Dialyzer is not made with a housing or fibers containing BPA or DEHP. BPA is a known endocrine disruptor.
  • Eco-friendly – The ELISIO Dialyzer delivers an array of eco-friendly, greener benefits including reduced waste disposal cost, lower emissions and energy consumption in manufacture and transport.

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